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On KLEKT you can only buy and sell “deadstock” sneakers and streetwear which means pre-owned and in brand new condition. For more information, please refer to the ‘Condition Guide’ below.


KLEKT defines a “deadstock” pair of sneakers as unworn and complete with the original box. This may include additional laces, lace tips, special packaging, manufacturer tags etc.

Sneakers that are only tried on for fitting are accepted, which may sometimes cause the item to not be factory laced anymore. We do not take responsibility for factory flaws and minor damages to the box, as this is out of our hands and related to the brand’s manufacturer or courier. The condition of items is that expected if purchased from a retail store.

Deadstock sneakers that have a release date of more than 5 years are to be bought and worn at own risk due to possible paint and/or sole cracks as well as other cosmetic wear.

Streetwear & Accessories

All streetwear and accessories are in brand new condition and folded in their original state inside the packaging (original hangtags are not guaranteed). Packaging includes the paper protection layer that is often inside the folded item, which prevents discolouration.

Streetwear that is only tried on for fitting is accepted, which may cause the packaging to be opened (damaged packaging or major creases due to personal treatment are not accepted).

Deadstock means that every item has a neutral/factory scent. In other words, items that smell like an ashtray or perfume are not brand new. All items are free of hair, dust or other fitting remains. Extras (e.g. stickers, posters, shopping bag) are not always included, unless it is part of the specific product pack or stated in the product title or description.

All sizes on KLEKT are US men's shoe sizes unless stated otherwise in the product name (e.g. Women’s, infants, toddlers).

View the KLEKT Size Guide for more information.

Our Authentication Officers are experts in their field. Extensive hours are spent researching fake/replicas with countless comparisons made between genuine and the most current high-quality fake/replica items. Each item is inspected by multiple members of the team using the appropriate and relevant method and technique for that specific item in determining its authenticity. Only items that are considered as 100% authentic are shipped to the Buyers.

Comparisons of Fake v Real can be viewed on our Instagram feed or our Blog

The Authentication process takes 1 - 2 business days. Buyers and Sellers are notified when items are received and are undergoing the authentication process, and again when items have been shipped out to Buyers after the successful authentication of an item is complete.

Should items not successfully pass the authentication process the order is cancelled and the Buyer is refunded.

Please note processing times may slightly be longer during holiday periods and special release dates.

If an item is identified as a fake during the authentication process, the order is cancelled, the Buyer is notified and refunded. The Seller is subject to a penalty and can be blocked from using the platform and the item destroyed.

If an item does not successfully pass the authentication process, the order is cancelled, the Buyer is notified and refunded. The Seller is subject to a penalty. For peace of mind, Buyers are provided the protection of a team of professional authenticators to ensure all items are genuine and meet our minimum standards. In any given situation a Buyer and their money are always protected.

We are continuously working on expanding our product database, however if an item that you would like to list is not available contact our customer support team. We do not guarantee that every product will be added, but if we add your desired product you will get notified.

Greyed out silhouettes of items means the product is available to buy and sell, but we still need to add a picture for the product.

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