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Service Description

What are the advantages for buyers?

  • Guaranteed Authentic
    Our team of professional authenticators personally inspect and authenticate every item sold on KLEKT.
  • Only Deadstock Items
    Every item is brand-new, unworn and comes with the original shoebox and accessories.
  • Exclusive Inventory
    Find the most wanted and sold out products available today.
  • 100% Security
    No more risks for buyers with KLEKT as your middleman.
  • No Import Duties & Taxes
    As a buyer from the EU, you won't have to worry about any additional import duties or taxes.
  • Online & Physical Store
    Visit our website or drop by at our well known physical consignment store "Presented By" in London.

For this service we charge "Service Costs" (see "Prices and Costs" below). See the Q&A below for more information.

Prices and Costs

When a seller lists an item on KLEKT, he defines his "Seller Price", also known as "Payout". This is the exact amount a seller will receive after successfully selling an item.

The "Total Price", also known as "Store Price", that is displayed to buyers consists of the following:

Seller Price This is the Price a seller wants for the item.
+ Service Costs
  • 20%
    are added on top of the "Seller Price"
    This is based on the following costs:
    • Authentication Costs
    • Packaging Costs
    • Transaction Costs
    • Handling Costs
    • 19% VAT
  • + EUR 10
    Flat Rate Shipping Costs
    This involves shipping via DHL from the seller to our warehouse for authentication.
= Total Price
(+ Shipping Costs)
This is the Price you (as a buyer) needs to pay.

Pricing Example

Want to know exactly what you are paying for an item? Here's an example:

Let's say a French seller lists an item for with a "Seller Price" of €200 and you want to buy the item as a German buyer. This is how the calculation would look like:

Seller Price EUR 200
+ Service Costs EUR 50
= Total Price
(+ Shipping Costs)
EUR 250


Learn more about buying with the Questions & Answers below.

  • How does the process look like for buying an item?
    1. After you bought an item, the seller will be informed immediately. The seller needs to confirm the purchase within 24 hours. After confirming, the seller has 48 hours to ship the item to our warehouse in Germany.
    2. Our professional authentication team personally inspects every item and sends it out safely and double boxed to you when the authentication and quality check is 100% successful.

    3. If the item does not pass our authentication and quality check, we will directly refund your full payment via PayPal (this sometimes may take up to 2 business days)

    4. When the authentication and quality check is successful, we will ship the item directly to you and provide you with a tracking code for the insured shipment.
    5. You always get authentic items with 100% security at KLEKT!
  • How does it work with returns and shipping?
    • We are not able to offer returns, because all items are listed by private sellers.
    • Every item is shipped with DHL, includes a tracking code and is insured. 

    • The average delivery time from our warehouse to you is currently 2-5 business days. 

    • Delivery times generally depend on how quickly a seller is able to ship the item to us after an item is purchased.
    • On average, delivery times are 6 - 12 days in total, for an item to be received by a buyer. The delivery time primarily depends on what country the seller is sending the item from.
  • What are the shipping costs?
    • The shipping costs (we always ship double boxed) from our warehouse to you (as a buyer) will be added on top of the displayed Store price.

    • Click here, to see what the shipping costs are for your country.
  • Does KLEKT offer worldwide shipping?
    • At the moment the service is only available for the above listed countries. But we are actively working on making the service available worldwide. 
Make sure to keep an eye on our website and our social media channels to get updated on this topic.