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General questions

What exactly is KLEKT?

KLEKT is the online section for buying and selling the most wanted, limited, highly demanded sneakers and streetwear. We interact as a middleman between the seller and buyer to ensure that sneakers are 100% authentic and to create the safest buying and selling experience for You.

Where is my activation e-mail?

If you did not receive our activation e-mail, it is possible that it slipped into your spam folder. Please check your spam folder for our activation Mail.

In case you have not received this e-mail, feel free to contact our Support Team. No worries, you will be activated as soon as possible!

How do I verify my account?

On Your Profile Page you will see four symbols for each type of verification. You are able to verify your account with:

  • E-Mail
  • Facebook
  • Mobile Phone (SMS Verification Code)
  • Address (Postal Verification Code)

Which shoes can be bought / sold?

On KLEKT you can only buy and sell “deadstock“ pairs of sneakers and exclusive streetwear in brand new condition.

What shoe sizing system are you using?

All sizes on KLEKT are US Men's shoe sizes unless stated otherwise in the product name (eg. Womens, infants, toddler)

Condition Guide


KLEKT defines a “deadstock“ pair of sneakers as unworn and complete with original box. This may include additional laces / lace tips, special packaging, manufacturer tags etc.

Sneakers that are only tried on for fitment are accepted, which may sometimes cause the item to not be factory laced anymore. We do not take responsibility for factory flaws and minor damages to the box, as this is out of our hands and related to the brand’s manufacturer or courier.

Deadstock sneakers that have a release date of more than 5 years ago, are to be bought and worn at own risk due to possible paint- and/or sole cracks.

Streetwear & Accessories

All streetwear and accessories are in brand new condition and folded in it’s original state inside the packaging (original hangtags are not guaranteed). Packaging includes the paper protection layer that is often inside the folded item, which prevents discolouration.

Streetwear that is only tried on for fitment is accepted, which may cause the packaging to be opened (damaged packaging or major creases due to personal treatment are not accepted).

Deadstock means that every item has a neutral/factory scent. In other words, items that smell like an ashtray or perfume are not brand new. All items are free of hairs, dust or other fitment remains. Extras (e.g. stickers, posters, shopping bag) are not always included, unless it is part of the specific product pack.

How do you authenticate?

We have experts on our team that have been in the sneaker & streetwear game for decades. They are specialized & regularly trained in spotting fakes. Without any exceptions, every item is reviewed by them using different methods to be 100% sure that the item is authentic, before we ship it to the buyer.

How long will it take to authenticate?

The authentication process can take 1 or 2 business days. We will notify you when we receive the item and again when we ship it out after the authentication process. Please note, processing times may slightly be longer during holiday periods and special release dates.

What happens if a fake is detected?

If we receive a fake item the buyer will get notified and directly refunded the amount paid.

What can I do, if I can not find a product?

We’re continuously working on expanding our product database, so this will not happen too often. If you are missing a certain product, you can write our customer support. We do not guarantee that every product will be added, but if we add your desired product you will get notified.

I see some greyed out silhouettes, what does this mean?

This just means the product is available but we still need to add a picture for this product.

Do you use different currencies?

Right now we only offer Euro prices, but we will soon be offering other currencies as well.

More questions?

KLEKT is always here for you.

Feel free to ask anytime, no matter what it is.
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How can I buy on KLEKT?

Below is an overview of how the process when purchasing an item on KLEKT works.

  1. Create and setup an account for free.
  2. Select the item that you wish to buy.
  3. The seller is immediately notified that their item has been ordered and purchased.
  4. The seller has 24 hours to confirm the transaction.
  5. After confirming, the seller has 48 hours to ship the item to KLEKT.
  6. When the item arrives at the Authentication / Fulfilment Centre, our team of professional authenticators thoroughly inspect each and every aspect of the item, ensuring it meets our authentication criteria.
  7. Once the item is authenticated, it is shipped to the buyer. Every shipment includes a Tracking code.

Click here to create or visit your own account.

How does the "Make An Offer" feature work for buyers?

With the Make An Offer feature you can place offers for all products. The offer amount is completely up to you and represents the price you would like to pay. After the offer has been placed, all sellers that have that product in your selected size will get notified about your offer.

The first seller that accepts your offer will start the transaction, where after the offered amount will get automatically deducted from your PayPal account and the seller will ship the item to KLEKT for authentication.

Here’s an example:

  1. A seller uploads the adidas Yeezy Boost 700 ‘Analog’ in size US10 for a store price of 400EUR.
  2. You would like to buy this item in a size US10. However, you would only buy it for 350EUR, so you make an offer of 350EUR.
  3. All sellers of the adidas Yeezy Boost 700 ‘Analog’ in size US10 will directly get notified of your offer. The first person who accepts the offer, will claim and start the transaction.
  4. When your offer is accepted, the amount that you offered is automatically deducted from your PayPal account and the seller ships the item to us.
  5. After this the process continues as usual, with us making sure that you are getting a 100% authentic and brand new product.
  6. You just made the deal you were hoping for with a seller that was down for business.

From what countries can I buy on KLEKT?

You can buy on KLEKT from any country in the world.

What payment method can I use to buy items on KLEKT?

Currently payments for purchases made on KLEKT are done via PayPal.

How much are the shipping costs for the shipment from KLEKT to me?

We offer FREE Worldwide Express shipping for every buyer

What shipping address is used for shipping the item?

When ordering an item on our platform, there are two ways to give us your shipping address:

  1. When you choose “Check out with PayPal” during the checkout, we will automatically take the address that is saved in your PayPal account. Please make sure that this address is still relevant, as this will be the shipping address for your order.
  2. When you choose to manually fill out your address during the checkout, we will send the item to the address you fill in.

Can my address be changed after making the purchase?

In most cases, the address can be changed after a transaction starts. Buyers will need to contact the customer support directly after the purchase. After contacting our customer support, the order will be kept on hold at our warehouse until the address is edited in the system.
Due to PayPal regulations, a new payment will be requested in which the correct shipping address is to be stated. Afterwards the original payment will be refunded back to the PayPal account.

Can my purchase be cancelled after I have purchased an item?

There are occasions and instances when transactions are cancelled. If for whatever reason a transaction is cancelled before it is completed, buyers will always be notified and any payments that have been made will be fully refunded.

Transactions could be cancelled before they have been completed for the following reasons:

  1. If a seller declines or fails to respond within 24 hours with confirmation of the transaction, it will be automatically cancelled and the buyer receives a full refund.
  2. If the seller fails to ship an item within the 48-hour window the transaction is cancelled and the buyer receives a full refund. Additionally, the seller is subject to a penalty charge for failing to fulfil the transaction
  3. If an item from a seller arrives at our office and does not meet our authentication criteria (e.g. it’s a replica/fake or the item was not as described) the transaction is cancelled and the buyer receives a full refund. Additionally, the seller will be subject to a penalty charge for failing to meet the terms of the transaction.

KLEKT deals with different buyers and sellers with every individual transaction, who come from different countries. However, in any given situation a buyer and their payment are always protected and their money is safe.

How long will it take until I receive my item?

Delivery times generally depend on how quickly a seller is able to prepare a shipment after an item has been purchased. On average delivery times are 2 - 5 business days in total, for an item to be received by a buyer.

As soon as an item is purchased and confirmed, the seller has 48 hours to prepare and ship the item to KLEKT. In special cases we allow sellers additional time to process a transaction, which may cause delays. Please not that delivery times may vary during holiday periods.

Can I return my order once I have received it?

Currently we are not accepting returns for items after they have been purchased, as all purchases are from private sellers and the majority of the listed items have sold out at retail level. Buyers are advised to be 100% certain about the purchases that are made on KLEKT.

What happens if the item from a seller is fake or does not meet the authentication criteria?

When items do not meet the minimum criteria of our authentication process, buyers will instantly be refunded, and the sellers penalised. For the peace of mind, buyers are provided the protection of a team of professional authenticators to ensure all items are genuine. In any given situation a buyer and their money are always protected.

More questions?

KLEKT is always here for you.

Feel free to ask anytime, no matter what it is.
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How can I sell on KLEKT?

Starting to sell takes no more than just a few clicks:

  1. Create and setup an account for free.
  2. Upload the item(s) you want to sell.
  3. When your item is sold, you ship it to us with the free and unique Express shipping label that is provided.
  4. After your item is authenticated, you receive your money directly on your PayPal account.

Start selling here.

What items can I sell on KLEKT?

Currently sellers are able to list deadstock sneakers, streetwear and accessories for sale that meet the following criteria:

  • 100% authentic.
  • In Brand-new (deadstock) condition and unworn.
  • The original and undamaged packaging/shoebox is included.
  • Inclusive of the complete set of all extras (e.g. additional laces, lace tips, special pacakaging, manufacturer tags etc..)

Check out our Condition Guide in the General FAQ section to learn more.

From what countries can I sell on KLEKT?

We are working to offer the opportunity to sell on KLEKT Worldwide.

If your country is not listed at the moment please get in touch with us to see other available options

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Noway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom

How do I ship my item to KLEKT?

There are 2 shipping methods when you sell an item on KLEKT:

  1. Pick-up by DHL Express at your preferred location, day and time (FREE)

    With this shipping method sellers are able to organise a special pick-up for their sold item. Sellers will have to (1) select one out of two days, (2) a specific time range that they are available and (2) the location DHL Express should come to for the pick-up. The pick-up location does not only have to be home and can also be your work address.

  2. Personal drop off at a DHL Express Service Point (FREE).

    With this shipping method, sellers can go to a local DHL Express Service Point and drop off the package. This is completely FREE and needs to be done within 48 hours after confirming.

How the sold item needs to be prepared for shipment can be found on the specific shipping instructions that are stated on the printed document.

What happens if the DHL Express pick-up of my sold item was not successful?

If the DHL Express pick-up was not successful, you still have one more chance to book pickup via the DHL Express on demand services.

After receiving the e-mail that states that the pick-up was unsuccessful, the seller then has 24 hours to ship the item by dropping it off at a local DHL Express Service Point.

When the pick-up did not work and the seller receives a new shipping label, the shipping instructions of the new document count.

Someone bought my item! Now what?

When an item is sold, the seller will be sent a notification to ship the item to our German depot as soon as possible, and we take care of the rest.

Below is how the full process looks like after an item is sold:

  1. An email notification is sent to the seller that their item has sold, the seller responds to the notification by confirming or declining the transaction within 24 hours of the notification.
  2. The seller packages the item in a separate shipping box (double-boxed) that will protect the original shoebox/item from incurring any damage.
  3. The free and unique shipping label that is provided by us is attached on the top of the shipping box.
  4. The seller ships the item to us within 48 hours of confirming the transaction.
    Sellers have the option to either (1) drop off the item at an authorized postal office or (2) have it picked up by DHL Express at a preferred location, day and time.
  5. Once the item arrives at our office, our authenticators thoroughly inspect the item to ensure its authenticity, and that the item meets the description
  6. On successful authentication of items, the sale proceeds are instantly transferred to the seller into their PayPal account.
  7. We ship your authenticated item to the buyer.

To ensure sellers are paid swiftly, we advise sellers to act swiftly and promptly respond to the notification email and shipping of items.

How much time do I have to ship to KLEKT?

After a buyer purchases an item, the seller has 24 hours to confirm or decline the transaction. As soon as a seller confirms the transaction, they are expected to ship the item to our office within 48 hours, where after we take care of the rest.

Where can I drop off my package after it’s sold?

DHL Express is our shipping partner that works together with national postal couriers. Sellers are able to drop off items at a DHL Express authorized local post office.

To find DHL Express shops within your location, check out the following link:

All international couriers and drop-off locations near you can be located in the link below:

Am I paying for shipping costs?

Sellers do not pay anything for shipping. When items are sold, KLEKT provides a unique and FREE DHL Express Shipping label to the seller. Once items arrive at our office and successfully pass the authentication criteria, KLEKT will take care of shipping the item to the buyer.

Do I need to worry about import duties and taxes?

As all our sellers fall within the European Union, sellers are not subject to any import duties or taxes. KLEKT takes care of all matters relating to the shipping of items. The only thing the seller is expected to do is ship the item to KLEKT after the seller confirms the transaction.

When and how will I receive my money after selling an item?

After we have authenticated your item, we will directly transfer the money to your PayPal account. We take care of the PayPal fees for you as part of the service, so there are no additional costs afterwards. Please note that due to PayPal processing, payments can take up to 2-5 business days for the transfer to appear on your PayPal account.

Note: Please ensure that you have the correct PayPal account linked to your KLEKT account.

Can I cancel a transaction?

If a seller is not able to provide an item for whatever reason, they can simply decline the transaction on receiving the ‘Your item is sold – Confirm now’ notification email. If the seller does not take action within 24 hours, the transaction will be automatically cancelled. When a transaction is cancelled, the specific item will be removed. Should a seller wish to list the item for sale in future, they will have to upload it again onto KLEKT.

I just sold an item that I am not able to send! What do I do?

If a seller is not able to provide an item for whatever reason, they can simply decline the transaction on the exact same page where sellers normally confirm transactions.

Sellers are responsible for making sure that their listed items are available for sale, and to always keep their listings up-to-date. If sellers are no longer in possession of listed items or wish to keep them, it is strongly advised to remove the listing.

What happens if I don’t ship the item on time?

If a seller does not ship an item within 48 hours of confirming the transaction, they will be in violation of the rules of selling on KLEKT and will be charged a penalty fee equal to 10% of the Payout. Additionally, the item listed for sale will be removed from KLEKT and the transaction cancelled.

To offer both sellers and buyers the best possible experience, with buyers receiving their items speedily and sellers receiving their pay-outs quickly, sellers are required to act promptly when shipping items, or declining transactions when they are not able to ship items.

What happens if I send an item that is found to be fake or does not meet the authentication criteria?

When items do not meet the minimum criteria of our authentication process, the buyer will automatically be refunded, and the seller is subject to a penalty Additionally, accounts can and will be deleted or blocked on KLEKT for sellers repeatedly listing items that do not meet our authentication criteria.

How does the “Make An Offer” feature work for sellers?

With the Make An Offer feature, buyers are able to place offers for products that are listed on KLEKT. The offers from buyers are based on the amount that they are willing to pay for an item.

When a buyer makes an offer on your item, you and other sellers of this item will directly get notified of the new offer. The first seller that accepts the offer, will claim and start the transaction. This means that the faster you react, the more chance you have to get the deal.

If you are willing to accept an amount that is between your listed price and the buyer’s offer, you can lower the price of your listing. This will automatically inform all interested buyers that the price of the item dropped.

More questions?

KLEKT is always here for you.

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